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Ruff Diamond Web and Logo Design is set up for everyone to be able to afford a web site or logo.  Unique, Bold and Unforgettable is what we strive for in our sites.  We want the WOW factor in every one of them.  We strive for people to want to look at your site and keep coming back.

I have been building websites and raising American Bulldogs for the last several years mostly and love every minute of it.   Most of the sites I have built have been for bulldoggers and friends.  We like to keep our websites clean, user friendly and easy to navigate.  Don't be fool by all the flash and drama people put on sites it only makes people turn away because it will slow down a computer.

Keep your sites clean and easy and even kids will look at it and enjoy it.

We want you to be happy with your site so we will get you involved with the design aspect.  You will be able to change colors and share with your ideas.   We will do everything possible to help you out and make your site stand out from the others.

Please check out some of the sites I have designed and get ideas for yours.  I will ask you questions about you and what you like and incorporate that into your site as well.

Please check out our prices....we have prices for everyone from 1 page design to as many as you like.

Enjoy looking around and contact us if you have any questions.


Mike DeGolier

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